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#31x31x31 YEAR 5

$31.99 / On sale

Xsavior Pettway's "31 x 31 x x31" Art Collection: A Unique Artistic Journey

Xsavior Pettway's annual art collection, "31 x 31 x x31," is a truly exceptional endeavor in the world of contemporary art. This collection not only showcases his artistic talent but also exemplifies his dedication to making art accessible and engaging for a wide audience.

For this collection, Pettway has taken a remarkable approach. He has created 31 distinct art pieces, one for each day of a month, and priced each of them at just $31. This pricing strategy breaks away from the conventional art market, where artworks can often be prohibitively expensive, making art appreciation and ownership more inclusive.

Each piece within this collection is a testament to Pettway's creative range and versatility. The diversity of styles, mediums, and subjects explored in this collection is a testament to his multifaceted talent. From vibrant abstract paintings to intricate sculptures, and from realistic portraiture to surreal landscapes, "31 x 31 x x31" has something for every art enthusiast.

This collection invites both seasoned art collectors and newcomers to acquire original artworks at an affordable price, making it a gateway for art lovers to start or expand their collections. The $31 price point democratizes art and emphasizes the idea that art should be accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget.

Moreover, by creating one artwork per day, Pettway has allowed his creative process to flow spontaneously and organically, capturing the essence of each moment and day. This approach adds an exciting element of time and immediacy to the collection, making each piece a unique snapshot of his artistic journey throughout the month.

In "31 x 31 x x31," Xsavior Pettway has not only opened the doors to his artistic world but also ignited a conversation about the accessibility of art, the value of creativity, and the appreciation of everyday moments. This collection embodies the spirit of creativity, affordability, and inclusivity, reminding us that art is not confined to galleries but can be a part of our daily lives.